Sunday, 3 June 2012

Jubilee Cake!

The whole of the UK seems to have gone Jubilee crazy and the extra bank holiday has certainly helped. We're not really into street parties in Scotland - it's usually too cold for a start - but the kids have certainly got into the mood with parties at school and bunting making sessions at Rainbows.

Now, any occasion has to be marked by a cake in this house and I have been waiting for an excuse to use my nifty silicone heart shaped cake mould from Ikea. I have had bad experiences in the past with silicone bakeware, sponges stuck and the finished cake bore no resemblance to the shape it should be. This one came out rather well, and despite the wonky icing, it looks pretty acceptable.

Very pleased with the cake shape from this mould, and all it took was a tiny amount of sunflower oil smeared around the base to stop it sticking. I can see this mould coming out again for parties in the future. Need to find an excuse to go to Ikea and see if they have any other shapes in store.

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